You should invest in binary options?

Binary options are a method that is very trend to invest money.
In these last few weeks, there is an advertisement that is called The Millionaire in Pjs, which promises to make us earn thousands of $ a day.
It is true?
It’s not true? It ‘just scam?
A friend of mine tried to invest $ 300, but only after two days, he had not a penny.
In fact this is a very risky method to earn money.
Investing money in binary options is suitable for people who are familiar with the world of finance and investment, not for beginners.


Top 10 Italian singers I love

italian singers

The Italian singers and the music is no longer the Italian melodic.

In Italy only a few people listen to music melodic and romantic, but abroad you think that Italians are still Italians as the ’50s, the great romantic opera singers. It is not so, there are also those, but they are only a small part.

  • Lucio Battisti: I know all his songs, and remains the best author of Italian pop music.
  • Mina: as a pop singer is the best, and everyone knows I love her very much.
  • Puccini is an author of music from opera, but its music is famous all over the world, if you do not know you have to learn to do it.
  • Verdi: another Italian genius of classical music, he also famous around the world.
  • Tiromancino, a band of the 2000s that now, no longer produces songs, why?
  • PFM: was the rock band more famous abroad and the most beloved among musicians Italian.
  • Fabrizio De André: the poet of Italian music that was able to excite a generation.
  • Raffaella Carrà: has never been a good dancer, or a good singer, she has been a good entertainer, who is able to enter the hearts of tens of millions of people in Italy, but also in South America and Northern Europe, a true POP STAR.
  • Celentano: Who was a kid in the 60, 70 or 80 can not not love Celentano, who managed to bring the first rock ‘n’ roll in Italy, then to continue to be loved by millions of fans. Today is considered an influential public figure.
  • Annalisa Scarrone: is the girl on the pic above,  good singer and a very sexy girl.